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Spyware Removal - learn more about the spyware plague and what you can do to stop it.

Spybot - the defacto standard spyware removal app that's free to boot!

Spyware Blaster - immunize your browsers against spyware before it can even install itself on your computer

AdAware -professional grade adware and spyware removal thats kept up to date by a dedicated anti spyware team.

SpySweeper - professional spyware detection and removal software

Spyware Eliminator - commercial grade spyware protection and removal tool

Microsoft Anti Spyware - one of the best spyware protection and removal tools we know of for the Windows platform

Spyware Eliminator

This program claims that it can remove key loggers, hijackers, remote control programs and adware. Basically this program claims that it can remove all spyware and adware programs better than the others because it identifies the characteristics of spyware instead of just its properties.

Naturally this claim sounds wonderful to the ear, but let me tell you that you have to run it before you can chose to believe it. The detection process is relatively out of date and it does not seem to do what it says. It does not fully acknowledge the characteristics of spyware and adware as there were still some of these pesky problems that another program detected.

It does have a relatively easy interface and isn't particularly hard to learn for the beginner. This program does not get rid of cookies and tracking programs or data mining software.

This program does not let you manually decide which programs to get rid of, but it does come with an uninstaller. This program is free to try and costs $29.99 to buy. What is sad is that you have to run another spyware removal program to completely get rid of unwanted programs and spyware.

The program is by Aluria. In it's advertisements it claims that it is the most commonly used program in the world, and it hosts privacy protection as well. On its best day, this program just doesn't measure up to the popular free programs on the market today.

All in all, I would have to say that this program is fair but not worth spending the money especially since free programs offer the same or more protection for free. It just doesn't measure up to the competition.

Download Spyware Eliminator ($29.95 with free trial)

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